UFO Sighting?

Hi Cheryl and Higgins,

My sister had an experience that she wants to make sense of. She was driving her car in rural northwestern PA when she felt overwhelming sleepy. The next thing she noticed was she was in a different location going the opposite way
and about 15 had passed.  Can you explain this?

My sisters friend who lives in a city in the same general area was sitting in her car when a large reddish orange sphere moved over the car and went up over the house where it hovered before soundlessly disappearing.  Was the sphere a UFO?

Thank you for considering these questions.

Higgins:     Humans are seeded on Earth. To say that another way they are planted much the way a farmer plants a seed. Once a human form establishes on Earth then the human, like a  plant, can reproduce on its own and that is what most all of you do now. You are like daffodil bulbs that have naturalized.

Just as farmers continually monitor their crops for proper growing conditions so too are humans monitored. When growing conditions become harsh solutions are developed and subsequently delivered by various means into the human experience.

From time to time data collectors come and check you out. Prior to birth each one of you agrees to this but most of you rarely know when information has been collected from you because primarily collection occurs in the sleep time. Information can be collected or imparted much as a computer uploads or downloads information.

It is extremely helpful to collect data on humans as they move about their world so sleep time collection is not the only way we access you humans. By causing intense drowsiness or intense heaviness we can still access you in a semiconscious state. This can be likened to tranquilizing a wild animal before examining it: if the animal is not sedated it will run or fight in fear. That is exactly what you physicals would do if you remained conscious while we approached you.

This is what happened to your sister while driving. And not to worry, they do take very good care of the human body and are tender and careful when accessing humans this way.

The orange sphere was not an UFO but instead an energy field much like the aura each of you carries. In non-physical we move swiftly like that. The orange color was emitted specifically so that this friend could and would see it. Otherwise, if we don’t wish to be seen we simply tone down the energy we emit to regular levels.

The energy field did originate off a data collection unit but rather than some kind of computer or machine this was instead more like a highly trained special operations consciousness. Think of it like a skilled military operative whose assignment is to infiltrate human consciousness. It was gathering information and could have harvested information from your sister’s friend had the conditions been right. However, in that instance we are told this orange being was not seeking that sort of information.

Received January 29, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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