How Can I Make My House Generate Positive Energy?

Question:     How can I make my house generate positive energy?

Higgins:     You cannot make your house do anything however you can coax it to do what it wants to do anyway.

Just as you radiate positivity when you feel good about yourself so too does your house. When your house has a beautiful new coat of paint if feels good, not only because it feels good about its appearance but also because attention has been paid it.

Further, if the person(s) painting the house thinks positive thoughts about the house as they go along and enjoy their job the house will gain greater positive energetic momentum. Similarly, if the person(s) painting the house is dissatisfied with their job or the paint color or the condition of the house or…(you get the idea)…the house may well gather the negativity the painter(s) imparts.

If you yourself speak negatively about the house the house will lose confidence and feel bad about itself and emit negative vibration

If you want your house to feel good love it. Appreciate it. Maintain it. Honor it. The house will reflect the positivity you show it.

Received January 30, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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