Leaving One Relationship For Another

Question:     Higgins, will you talk about leaving one relationship for another?

Higgins:     There is a saying, wherever you go there you are. We consider leaving one relationship for another the same way we consider moving from one location to another or leaving one job for another: wherever you go there you are.

Life experience, all of it including relationships, is drawn unto you by the emotions you emit. Emotions are interpreted by the Universe as vibration. If one relationship is not working out and it is left for another then the emotional vibration that drew you into the first relationship will draw you into another similar relationship. That is what we mean by wherever you go there you are.

There is no point leaving anything if the vibration you offer is muddy because all you can draw into your life will be more of the same. (Of course, if you are in danger we encourage you to leave right away. You can always sort the vibrational offering that brought you into danger out later). If you are not in danger we encourage you to first assess your overall view of life. If suspicious, victim, fearful, angry, used, overworked, undervalued, lonely or other negative words describe your primary view of life then most certainly negative events are occurring in your life that support this theme.

Until you change your view negative life experience will repeat itself endlessly. We encourage you first to change your view then change relationships…or location or job or….

Received January 21, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, USA

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