Finding Your Spiritual Gift

Question: How would a person recognize a special gift within themselves? I mean, if you’re a musician or a dancer or athlete, you know, but not everyone has such obvious gifts.

Higgins: Quite right. It does seem that spiritual gifts are hidden from sight sometimes. The truth is, however, that since few societies on your planet honor and celebrate spiritual gifts you all have lost the ability to recognize them when you see them. Further, even when recognized many spiritual gifts do not have marketability within society and therefore are not cultivated.

If your particular gift is obvious you know what to do already. Simply follow your heart and opportunity to express your gift will appear.

Not so obvious gifts might show up as recurrent thoughts you have about yourself and probably these thoughts seem improbable. You may feel as though you are a teacher and yet have little education or nothing obvious you want to teach or frankly, don’t like teaching.

You may have thoughts that seem grandiose such as, “I’m kind of like Jesus.” Or, “I’m here to save the world.”

Alternatively, you may have thoughts such as, “All I know how to do is love well.” Or, “I believe in spirit healing and healing the spirit.”

More concrete thoughts might appear as, “Jails are not working. We need to do something to get at the root of the problem.”

Whatever your gift is, it will probably seem improbable and you probably think it about yourself all the time.

Whatever your grandest vision is that you have of yourself, that is Truth for you. Start heading there.

Received September 17, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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