Searching for the Holy Grail

Question/comment:     I have been a Christian most of my life. Wanted to get closer to God and have a great relationship to him. I did but then later found out things I was shocked to found out on the Bible. I went away from Christianity and began a search for Truth, no religion attached to it and began to study and search online. In the process I found this site, which has been a HUGE help so thanks a bunch on that 😀 It really helped put me at ease for the time being. But now it is back.

Higgins:     Wherever a person is physically located we encourage them to delve into the most accessible spiritual path available that is of interest. Delve fully and when the path becomes exhausted blaze a new trail as the asker of this question is doing.

We applaud the asker’s perseverance and fortitude. It is the seeking and the asking of questions that brings forth the answers and all answers shall be unlocked by the askers of the world.

You, the asker of this question, have embarked on a marvelous adventure that few are courageous enough to attempt (or are not driven to attempt). In your search for Truth you have, as men have for thousands of years, embarked upon the search for the Holy Grail.

Blessings, Friend, on your remarkable journey. May you relax and enjoy yourself every step of the way.

Received September 24, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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