Is the Bible Literal?

Question:     The Bible has some great insights into deeper studies. But it has some contradictions. Especially if you take the Bible literally. I would like to know, how do you view the Bible, what do you think on it? Do you view the Bible as literal or all spiritual with deep meanings and not literal at all?

Higgins:     In areas of the world where the Bible is easy to access we encourage you to delve into it for the opportunity for learning that it provides. However, the Bible is incomplete and many stories are presented out of context. Some aspects may be taken literally and some aspects would not benefit you to take literally. The problem is, the reader has no idea which may be taken literally and which not.

The Bible does give a history of Earth and how mankind came to be on the planet (albeit incomplete). It also hints at the spiritual aspect of what man is. Part of the beauty of the Bible is that by virtue of its inconsistencies and omissions it creates questions in the minds of many. It is in the seeking of the answers to those questions that the reader will eventually find Truth. The Bible is a path to finding the Truth although the Truth is highly veiled within the words of the Bible itself.

Received September 25, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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