God, Yin and Yang and the Game of Life

Question:     If (the Bible is) taken literal why does God have so much violence in the OT. Telling certain people of his to kill others or tribes? He has Moses and his group kill all the males and all woman who laid with a man in a certain group and the rest of them, the woman and children who did not lay with a man is to be used to have sex with. And later in the NT, God seems more kinder and gentler, more forgiving if you will. Why? The Bible says He is the same yesterday, today and forever. There are more contradictions and violent acts of God in the OT but that is good enough to show what im talking about.

Higgins:     We repeat again the primary usefulness in the Bible today is to drive a reader to seek the Truth which is difficult to untangle from the stories within it.

These stories are old, thousands of years old. For the Spiritual evolution of man prophets are sent forth into physical. Prophets are humans with extra skill at playing the game of being human. Jesus was but one. There have been many and there will be more. There will be as many as it takes for mankind to remember how to play the game.

Jesus was one such prophet who came forth to assist you all in understanding the game. He came forward to remind you physicals that you are love incarnate. That is why the New Testament seems gentler in many ways than the Old.

The asker of this question refers to God as being kinder and gentler in the New Testament. We wish to clarify that God is God and Jesus is Jesus. Jesus is God in the flesh exactly the same way that you the reader are God in the flesh.

Ok….so exactly what is the game?

God or Allah or Creator or Prime Source of All That Is…whatever you call it there is one central being that is the beginning of (Alpha) and the eternal unfolding expression of all things (Omega).

The painter, Monet, painted many versions of Water Lilies. He liked what he created and so created more of it. Similarly, God is ever-expanding and so when he creates something he creates lots and lots of it. Everything you the reader are is God unfolding and expressing all aspects of whatever God is capable of.  That means that all things both good and bad are of God. Importantly, those things that feel good are, let us call it Truth, while those things that feel bad are simply a different form of Truth, let us call it Balance or Equal and Opposite.

(Note that God is not a He. God is all things and that means that God is a He/She encompassing both male and female character/energetic attributes.)

For each thing that exists there must be an equal counterpart for balance within the Universe. God is the Universe. God is you. And there is a complete balance of positive/negative. Some think of this as Yin/Yang.

The job, if you will, of the human game is to rediscover that although you have a range from powerfully negative to powerfully positive, you want to express the powerfully positive because it feels good to you. When you do express the kindness and compassion and love that you are you meld into complete harmony with the Glory of the Universe, God. Discovering how to do that is finding your Truth.

Finding your Truth and expressing it: that is the Game.

Received September 25, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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2 Responses to God, Yin and Yang and the Game of Life

  1. Sharon says:

    So if way more people/beings express the positive, what happens to the balance between?

    • Higgins: If more people were to express the positive the negative still would exist but would remain unexpressed. For many years on Earth there has been greater expression of negativity than positivity. The potential for positivity continues to exist, in fact grows relative to the growth of negativity, and simply awaits expression. In fact, the Universe continually expands in part due to negative expression rather than in spite of it.

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