Is Infatuation a False Love?

Question:     Is infatuation a false love and if it is, how do you know that you are truly IN love with someone for real and not just an infatuation? And how can you make it last?

Higgins:     Infatuation is not a false love it is a shade of love.

A difficulty you physicals get into is that you think there is an IN love with someone for real. Let us remind you that love is an emotion offered by your Broader Self relative to how you are responding to any given situation or thing. Many of you have come to think that real love is when you feel love or positivity for the same person all the time when actually real love is holding your thoughts and feelings about all things (no matter how ugly they may be…starvation, war and killing for example) in the same loving and compassionate way you hold the things that are easy for you to like. In that way you are able to radiate the emotion of love almost all the time and when you learn to do that you are living in your Truth.

To find a long-lasting loving relationship find someone with whom you get along easily. That is of utmost importance. It is very helpful to find someone who, just by being, produces a sense of heart expansion within you.

Should you have a mutual desire to walk together through the rest of your lives then we encourage you to think positively about them every day for the rest of your life. That will stimulate a positive flow of energy between you so that you continue to draw the things you like about them out. That is the best way to nurture a relationship for the long-term.

It will also help to learn to say yes.

Received September 22, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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