It Is Impossible to Make a Mistake

Offering from Higgins:

Mistakes are not possible. The idea of mistakes, while not unique to Earth, is unique to physical environments and is a by-product of the opportunity physical environments offer to live either in or out of harmony with the Truth of your eternal being. A ‘mistake’ is simply a learning opportunity, another chance to determine what you want and don’t want. Mistakes are only mistakes because they don’t fit the True you.

To consider a mistake a bad thing is much like trying on clothes and believing you’ve done something wrong if an item doesn’t fit. When you shop for clothes and see something you like well enough to try on, if it is too small or large you simply get another item in a different size. There is no consideration of it being a mistake, the item is simply not your size.

We would like you to think of mistakes as something you’ve tried on and is not your size. Rather than judging a thing a mistake or failure try other options until you find that which feels right to you.

This is how you are designed to flow within the Universe.

Received May 22, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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