Let Go of Hard Feelings

Offering from Higgins:

Let go of hard feelings. Whatever has happened to cause you to emit hard feelings is unimportant relative to the importance of your feeling good. When you feel good and thus emit positive emotions/vibrations life sends back to you more things to feel positive about (and therefore fewer things to feel negative about).

Truly, the most important thing in physical life is that you feel good. Every move you make should feel good, or at least better and stronger than any of the alternatives. This will consistently lead you towards life experiences that are positive and fulfilling.

So let go of hard feelings.

It is easier to let go of hard feelings if  you will remember that your personal happiness is more important than any difficulty or frustration or fearful thing that can possibly ever arise AND there is a solution, a positive solution, to every situation that could possibly ever arise in your physical environment.

When you feel emotional hardness arising within you, take a moment to review what specifically is bothering you, that thing you don’t want. Then look for its opposite, the thing you do want. Focus on that instead. You will find you cannot focus positively on the thing you want and hold hard feelings at the same time. Focusing on the problem will never fix the problem. Focus instead upon relaxing within the situation so that thoughts for a solution may arise within you.

Received May 21, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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