Sprituality and Anti-Anxiety Effects

Question: Does spirituality have a positive effect on anxiety?

Higgins: Yes.

All things, whether considered animate (like people or dogs) or inanimate (like rocks, dirt and  driftwood) or even those whose animate properties are questioned (like trees and flowers), are habited by a living essence that is refered to as spirit or Spirit.

The word spirituality has come to refer (in part) to those of you physicals who are intentionally seeking some connection or understanding of the spirit that inhabits all things.

Each seeker of spirit discovers their own understanding of life and as one seeks understanding one is led inexorably towards Truth. The Truth is: there is but one thing existing anywhere. That being so, one must begin to open to the idea that each one of you is not separate but the same, there is no beginning and no end to life and that the essence that is all life is supportive.

Understanding of the interconnection of life seeps into the seeker and with that understanding one tends to relax and enjoy life, flowing within The Essence That Is. When one flows within that Essence there is a calmness, a sureness that washes away anxiety. That same steadiness erases fear and anger and all kinds of negativity, surrounding the seeker instead with an inner centeredness. This is often refered to as one’s inner light so a seeker who has come to understand the connectedness of all things and learned to flow within the Essence exudes an inner light of peace and enjoyment of life: life as life is not life as it ‘should’ be.

In that there is no room for anxiety and dark thoughts, only for great comfort and surety.

Received May 28, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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