Baseline Vibrational Level

Note: This question has previously been answered. The asker says she is still unclear and will Higgins rephrase or restate answers to the same questions.

Question:  You said that we have a base line vibratory level and that is the one we tend to fall back on when under stress (?) – did I get that correctly?  And, I can’t read my notes – and you can’t either probably ! but what I wrote was “the fall-back emotion is the easiest one to . . . . .   Then, once you have committed to making your life the best it can be, your broader self helps you meet your lower emotions head on so you can experience them fully.  Can you fill in that blank above??  or restate it in a different way that says the same thing.  Hope this makes sense.

Higgins: Each of you, and indeed all things, continually interact (or communicate or converse) with the Universe ( or God or Allah or Creator or All That Is or Source). This communication is in the form of vibration so each of you continually emits a vibration that the Universe responds to. The responses that you continually receive are experienced by you as the occurrences of daily life.

This vibration is felt by each of you as emotion so emotion equals vibration. One emotion can be experienced at a time and though one may swing very quickly up or down through the emotional range truly only one emotion may be felt and thus vibrationally offered to the Universe at any given moment in time.

Humans tend to carry what we call a baseline vibrational level. The general attitude one carries around is that baseline. For example, a person who responds to life’s situations angrily more often than not, is likely carrying a baseline emotional (vibrational) level of angry. This baseline emotion is the easiest to achieve because it is the closest.

If you will envision the emotional range as a piano keyboard, anger is in the middle range. To get to a higher emotion one would have to jump from the middle of the keyboard to the righthand end and jumps like that simply are not possible. (One slides through emotions much like a trombone slide slides in and out to reach notes.) This is why so many of you in physical respond the same way over and over again. Do you notice individuals that seem angry all the time, happy and positive all the time, or even those who seem to be victims all the time? The angry person responds in anger because anger is the closest vibration and easiest to achieve. Ditto for the generally positive person, ditto for the generally victimized person.

If you do not like how you feel then set your intent upon feeling better. Set your intent upon feeling good. As you commit to finding better emotions the Universe will offer situations to you. These situations will be experienced as life events and will bring up the deepest emotions you are needing to experience and cope with.

To ‘cope with’ an emotion simply acknowledge it. Whether it is sadness, anger or overwhelment acknowledge how you feel. It is not necessary to do anything at all about the situation itself, simply acknowledge that you feel bad. It is not even necessary to be able to name the emotion you experience. The goal is to acknowledge it. Once the emotion has been acknowledged it is possible to slip into better feeling emotions. Until the emotion is acknowledged and allowed to run its course it will fester inside you. The next higher vibration than that which you suppress will become your baseline emotion and you will be unable to move into better emotions until you do address the emotion.

You are not expected to like the negative emotion and certainly you do not want to dwell in that negativity. Simply acknowledge it and allow a better feeling emotion to surface.

A good example of this is crying. When one finally breaks down into tears over some overwhelming life situation and cries and cries the emotion is acknowledged and one soon stops crying and feels better.

In short, acknowledge how you feel then feel better or refuse to acknowledge how you feel and fester within it to the end of this life cycle.

Imagine this: you are laughing at something wonderfully funny and acknowledge your emotion saying, “I’m happy and I want to feel even better!”

Blessings upon you, Friends. You are loved.

Received June 2, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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