Surviving 2012

Question: Will you comment on how best to survive 2012?

Higgins: ‘2012’ is not a date, it is a name you physicals have given to a time period. The time period is occurring now and will continue for a few more years.

The Earth is ever evolving just as you are and the Earth’s evolution has caused it to speed up its vibrational offering. The human body is closely connected to the Earth so your vibrational offering must remain harmonious with the Earth’s in order to remain physically focused here.

The body can experience a range of vibrations (think emotions when you think vibration–vibration and emotion are equal). The Earth is quickening so the lowest vibration you physicals can experience will shift to a higher point and the highest vibration you can experience will also shift to a higher point. Remember that vibration equals emotion: the highest, happiest, best emotion physicals can experience is getting higher! That’s good!

What this means, though, is that for those of you who live in emotions of depression, futility and unhappiness the Earth will not support you anymore. The Earth’s shift will force you to shift into quicker, better feeling states of being.

This is good for you because to shift like this emotionally you will have to follow your desires and in following your desires you will find happiness and enjoyment. Further, you will have to follow YOUR desires and not the desires of anyone else. You all will really like this once you get the hang of it.

In essence, to survive ‘2012’ you must follow your desires and pursue your dreams. Nice, yes?

Received May 12, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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