What Is Going On With My Cat?

Question:      Maybe you could ask them what is going on with my cat, Chica.  Maybe one of them used to be a veterinarian in another lifetime!!???    The hair next to her anus is coming off.  She is also constipated and has never been before.  Have to force Petromalt or Laxatone in her mouth as if I put in on her paw, she will wipe it on the furniture or rug.  Took her to her vet and he checked everything out w/o running tests and says it is not inflamed or swollen and to just watch it for a while. Her vitals are normal.   She is eating normally, playing with toys, drinking her water, nothing is different except as to what I just told you.  After being gone a few days, the spot on her butt is a little bigger.

Higgins:      Perfect health is the norm for any of you in physical including your cat. Most humans, including you, have forgotten how to live in synch with their physical environment. Animals, however, have not forgotten how to live in synch and depend upon instinct and impulse to guide them. What happens with animals, house pets especially, is they tune into the vibrational offering that is dominant within their sphere of life and that dominant vibration is offered by you.

The cat has tuned into your vibrational offering and now that is being reflected physically. Three things are offered by the cat for you to know about yourself: your life is stuck (represented by constipation),  you have anxiety about life (represented by the hair loss ) and specifically anxiety regarding how stuck you feel within your life (represented by the location of hair loss near the anus). Further, the cat’s refusal to partake of healing medication indicates you are resistant to that which would assist you in improving your life (albeit unknowingly resistant).

Pets are really very good indicators of where your life is headed. Go ahead with whatever treatment the veterinarian recommends for the cat. And for you we recommend relaxation and vigorous (but not to the point of painful) exercise. Both on a regular basis.

Things will work out the way they work out and the best, most satisfactory outcome for both you and the cat will be able to occur if you relax with where you are in life.

Our sincere blessings upon you as move forth within this fantastic journey.

Received August 2, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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