I Don’t Know How to Have Fun

Offering from Higgins:

Many of you don’t know how to have fun so let’s explain how to have fun.  To do that we need to remind you of the emotional range that humans exist within.

Humans exist within a framework of vibration. That vibration could be viewed as lattice that you grow upon yet it cannot be grown beyond. On the low (slow) vibrational end emotions do not feel good. On the high (quick) vibrational end of the spectrum emotions feel positive. To expand beyond the lowest negative emotion or highest positive emotion a human can experience means to expand back into the non-physical realm.

Having fun is not a thing that can be taught or learned. Having fun is a side effect of living life within a vibrational framework of emotions that feel good.

To move towards a life in which you are capable of experiencing fun you must choose to feel better. From the emotion you spend most of your time in, whatever it is, you must decide that you want to feel better. Once you make that decision begin looking for the best in everything. It takes quite a bit of practice and often quite a bit of time. Eventually, if you do not give up, you will begin to experience things more easily and to see humor and adventure in everyday life. It is the ability to see humor and adventure in the everyday that is a sturdy foundation for finding fun in everything you do.

Received July 24, 2012

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