What Can I do to Make the Things I Want Come to Me Faster?

Question:     What can I do to make the things I want come to me faster?


Consider that thing you want as a  peach. A peach does not come from the store. A peach is grown from a seed or pit. First the seedpit must be obtained. Then plant that pit in fertile ground with plenty of sunlight, water and where temperatures are not too extreme either summer or winter.

Nurture that pit and soon a spindly little tree will appear. It is fragile now and needs care. Tend it when it needs tending while the years pass and soon enough the tree will flower. If the flowers are pollinated the tree will make fruit. The tastiest fruit is left on the tree and picked ripe. If the tree is maintained it will continue to bear fruit each year for quite some time.

The thing, whatever It is, is both the peach and the pit. The pit is the idea of It and the peach is the manifestation of It. Once it occurs to you that It would be a nice thing to have then the seed is planted. It is your job now to make sure that you provide fertile soil and proper growing conditions and you do that by maintaining harmony within your emotions. You want to consistently and persistently choose to ruminate upon good things and to enjoy that which is currently in your life the best you can.

Of course, if life is good for you then it is much easier to maintain positive emotion than if life is hard for you. If life is hard you must persist in dealing with problems in the swiftest way possible. The longer the problem is left unsolved the longer that negativity is draining you. This refers to even such a small thing as paying a bill. Pay it as soon as possible. Do not leave it sitting around until the last possible minute for that bill nags at you constantly until it is paid in full.

( Side note: from our perspective it is much better to pay for all purchases in cash as then it is paid for and done at once, a completed energy exchange, and lingers not as unfinished energy.)

After a little bit of time something will occur in your life and it will look a little like the It that you are creating. It may well be small and spindly if the thing you are creating is very far from where you started…meaning a pair of shoes will come far more quickly than a medical degree although neither is more or less difficult to achieve. One simply takes more time and persistence than the other.

Nurturing this spindly beginning is done by maintaining a positive attitude as much as possible and enjoying the time and activities between here and there, between the first idea of It and the manifestation of It.

That is all there is to creating It. Idea. Impulse or intuitive knowing towards a next step. Action. All the while maintain your thoughts…they should feel good.

If It hasn’t arrived yet then the peach isn’t ripe. That is all there is to creating. If you are frustrated because the things you want aren’t here yet you are frustrated over something you have no control over. You simply cannot make that peach ripen any faster than a peach ripens. What you can do to hurry things along is make certain the environment is right so that peach ripens as quickly as it is possible for a peach to ripen.

Received July 21, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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