How Do I Find Happiness?

Question:How do I find happiness?


Happiness lies within. It is not something found outside of oneself. Happiness radiates from within when an individual feels positive about their place in the world.

Many children radiate happiness. They play joyfully and gently with one another because they have no concept or awareness that life is anything but safe and fun and easy. They have not yet been tainted by what we hear called ‘the harsh realities of life’.

Once introduced to the idea that life means toil and sickness and lack of money they quickly slip into harsh play, harsh words, harsh judgement and other non-gentle practices. This is carried into adulthood and is learned, passing down from person to person.

Finding your happiness is about rediscovering that the world can be a safe and gentle place. This planet is designed to support human life and to host humans in abundance and beauty. Your job is to sift through the data of daily life. Discard those things that do not resonate well within you and follow impulses and intuition to easily slide through life towards things that will resonate with you.

That is how you find happiness: sift through the data of daily life paying scant attention to those things that do not resonate well within you while following impulses and intuition. Those impulses and intuitive knowings will draw you steadily towards experiences that will resonate well within you. As you practice following impulses and intuition over a period of time you will find that life becomes more fun and much easier. You will discover things you like to do and be drawn into circles of people with whom you have common interest and enjoyable interaction. Money will flow easier. Sickness will overwhelm you less and less often. Suddenly life will seem easy, fun, enjoyable and a sense of happiness and satisfaction will fill you to overflowing.

Received July 19, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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