Living a Self Centered Life

Offering from Higgins:

Living one’s own life from a completely self-centered perspective is perhaps the healthiest thing one can do for oneself and indeed for the well-being of mankind as a whole.

Each of you is an eternal being of great wisdom. Your Eternal Self guides you through life by offering emotions to the thoughts, words and actions you commit. If you will follow life’s path using your emotions as guides not only will you thrive, your actions will also be good for those around you.

Following your emotions means allowing each emotion to move through you, allowing all emotions and shunning none. Once you’ve savored an emotion you will understand whether the thought, word or action you have just committed is in harmony with the Truth that your Eternal Self holds for you. Harmonious emotions feel hopeful and uplifting where non-harmonious emotions feel draining and dampening.

If it be your primary intent to live in your Truth thus always moving towards thoughts, words and actions that produce positive emotion to rise within you then will you offer the best of yourself to the world. The world will benefit by you offering the best of you because the best of you is fun, smart, creative, healthy, helpful, prosperous and kind.

Received August 27, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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