How Do I Manage This Feeling of Being Overwhelmed?

Question: Hi Higgins, last month you told me that I am always overwhelmed.  hmmm.  I do often feel overwhelmed though I can’t understand why since I only work 4 days a week and seem to sit doing a lot of enjoyable reading.  I do FEEL I SHOULD be exercising, reading spiritual stuff, meditating, etc.  It seems there is so much to do though I do not lead a hectic life with very many demand.  How do I manage this feeling of being overwhelmed?  with love, xxxxx

Higgins: Overwhelmed is a state of mind first and foremost. For you, Friend, it is a fallback position. It is a stronger vibration than victim or depression and it is a lesser vibration than anger. You use humor to bring others into agreement or alignment with your views of life experience and this keeps your vibrational offering above anger a good portion of the time. Occasionally bursts of anger keep you from slipping into slower, lower vibrations.

When neither of these options is available (humor/anger) then overwhelmed is where you roost. As you continue to clarify your desires and develop a life that is all about expressing you you will not have to work so hard to stay vibrationally up. In that, you will develop a softer, gentler pattern of response, one that feels better. Life will flow like a bubbling brook rather than the battering ram your life experience has sometimes been.

Next time you are aware of feeling overwhelmed take a moment to think up an alternative view on the subject. For example, a book on your bedside table stares accusingly at you as once again you drop into bed without examining its pages. You could feel overwhelmed by all the things you don’t get done in a day or you could focus upon how wonderful it is to have so many things to occupy your mind that you just can’t get to them all right away.

As you consistently turn your thoughts towards the bright side of every issue the life force that runs through all things will begin to work with you and life’s pressures will ease.

Received March 27, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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