Music Meditations Question 5

Note from Cheryl: This is question number five (and the final question in this series) regarding the musical/vibrational meditations we’ve been making with musician Bill Wolford.
Question: Does editing a piece of noise out of an energy track affect the effectiveness?  I know on the recent New Earth vibration meditation you did at my last session Tucker barked part of the way through and I edited it out, or I just muted the track at that point, sometimes there are people clearing their throat and such too… these things will be heard in the music if I don’t do something like edit or mute the sounds.  Does that affect the integrity of the energy?
Higgins: The energetic vibration we lay down is entwined with the sound that is recorded. Editing out a sound also edits out that same time amount of energetic vibration. It does affect the integrity of the energy and while that could alter the effectiveness of the recording in this case it didn’t alter it significantly enough to be problematic. Listening to this would be much like hearing only part of a word in a conversation….the mind will fill in the missing portion of the word based on the context of the conversation without a hitch and the mind will also fill in the missing portion of the energetic offering as long as the segment is quite short.
Received March 20, 2012 at Everett, Washington
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