Music Meditations Question 4

Note from Cheryl: This is number 4 in a series of questions regarding the music meditations Higgins is working on with musician Bill Wolford. Check out or to listen to some of these vibration enhancing musical meditations.
Question: Can the energy tracks be multiplied to make the energy stronger? For example if I took the same track and doubled it to play concurrently with the original one or even tripled or quadrupled the tracks on separate channels would this make the energy stronger?  I think I tried this once in the past, but it didn’t really seem to make a difference, but like I said it is hard to compare depending on my level of letting the energy in or my sensitivity to it.
Higgins: We understand the logic behind this and while it seems as though the energy would be amplified it is not.
Received March 20,2012 at Everett, Washington
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