The Universe Is Against Me At Every Turn

Comment from Cheryl: Higgins likes to respond to search terms that brought a reader to the Ask Higgins site. The following is a response to the search, ‘The universe is against me at every turn.’

Higgins: The Earth realm, this physical place you inhabit, is expressly designed for you. This is a safe, secure, loving environment for you physicals to explore and express the broad, eternal being that you are. Much like a painter expresses themself through their art, you have the opportunity to express all that you are through your life here.

The Universe responds to your emotions and beliefs uniformly and fairly. Think of yourself as a magnet that attracts life experience, whether good or bad, by how you are feeling and by your beliefs. If you feel that the Universe is against you at every turn then surely and swiftly life events will arise that bring with them negative events that equal your belief that all things are conspiring against you when really all along the Universe simply has offered you exactly what you offered it.

In essence, the Universe is with you at every turn. You simply cannot outwit this law for it is uniformly applied everywhere. Further, you cannot do enough work to overcome the law. Therefore, you must learn to shift your emotions, your thinking and your beliefs to a more positive bent. You must mentally lean towards the positive aspects of all life has to offer. Then and only then will life offer you its more positive aspects.

If you will remember that the Universe conspires towards your greatest good at all times, offering you exact replicas of the emotions and beliefs you offer up, then it will be easier to find the lighter, gentler aspects in all that life throws your way.

As you practice finding the brighter, softer side of life, life will offer you its brighter, softer side.

Received March 28, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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