Music Meditations Question 2

Note from Cheryl: This is question number two regarding the musical/vibrational meditations we’ve been making with musician Bill Wolford.
Question: Does it effect the energy if the audio data is compressed? For example, most people download and listen to the tracks in .mp3 format or other small file formats.  Does that effect the potency of the energy?
My instincts tell me that it does and that it’s best to listen to the tracks on a CD rather than streaming (listening to it off a website) or off of an Ipod.   I have listened to all these and I feel like it does, but it’s hard to compare.
Higgins: The energy is affected, yes. But as you’ve noticed it is not affected very much so the effect upon the listener is very much the same, much as the music is not affected to a significant degree.
Consider that a live performance is always best and any amount of change and alteration affects the energy to some degree but the potential for positive, powerful effect still exists.
Received March 20, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington
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