Music Meditations Question One

Note from Cheryl: This is one in a series of questions regarding the music meditations Higgins is working on with Bill Wolford, a musician from Seattle. Check out or to listen to some of these vibration enhancing musical meditations.
Question: Does it make a difference if the volume of the energy track is turned louder or softer? Most of the tracks have some room noise in them so I usually turn them down so you can’t hear the noise in the music, but does that effect how the energy is felt? Is it felt more at louder volumes than softer?
Higgins: Turning the energy ‘volume’ up or down does affect how the energy is felt but may or may not affect how the energy is received. Meaning the energy may have the same effect upon the listener but also it may not.
The volume of the energy track is best at the same volume at which the energy was recorded. The final listener may then choose to listen to the music louder or softer. The vibration will then be in alignment with the music as it is played. The volume the energy is played at does have some effect upon the listener and we designed these meditations to be listened to at soft levels or at normal listening levels but very loud levels would probably be grating or irritating rather than soothing.
Received March 28, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington
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