Technique for Creating, Number Two

Offering from Higgins:

We have talked at length about changing one’s attitude for the better in order to change one’s life circumstances for the better. Always looking for the best in any given situation will reward the seeker by creating an energetic frequency that draws better options into one’s life experience. While this is an important practice it does continue to lead to creation by default rather than creation by intentional desire.

To create intentionally one must first identify a desire and then consistently follow an ever unfolding path until the eventual arrival of that which is desired. Something that seems to hamper quite a few of you in your creating is that life is pretty good already. When life is already darn good the clarifying data that is offered is often quite subtle.

To identify desirable life direction first choose a word that defines a desirable life. Words such as harmony or fulfilling are good choices but choose that which feels right and allow the defining word to shift with your personal growth through the years.

Next, list the most important things in your life. For example, spouse, children or family members, financial stability, happiness, fitness, artistic expression or even pets. Make a list of the things most important to your soul’s happiness.

A list may be long or short, let it flow naturally, but it must be an achievable number and practice will tell you how many will best fit your day.

Once you have chosen a defining word and several important aspects of your life make a check list of the items.

Now go forth in every day putting some effort tiny or large into each item on the list and let your defining word sculpt the effort. If it is of value to do so check off the items on the list each day.

For example, let’s say you chose fulfilling as a defining word and family, home life and work life are your three top items. Do at least one thing every day, no matter how small it may seem at the time, towards developing fulfilling family relationships, a fulfilling home life and a fulfilling work life.

Change your list as often as desired. Over time a pattern will emerge. Give yourself a year or two or three. Life will become clearer and more intentionally wonderful. The non-essential aspects of life will rise to the surface to be skimmed away like fat from gravy.

Received March 11, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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