Why Did He Leave Me Now? Part One

(Note: this question came in two parts so I’ve included information from two emails.)

Question:     My husband passed away on October 2, 2012 one day after his 70th. birthday and two days  before our 32nd. wedding anniversary. My question is: why did he leave me so soon especially when he was to take care of me after my up coming open heart surgery. And why did he leave me with so much responsibility.

I miss him terribly and question why he had to leave me now.

(Second part):     I’m not sure if my original email was sent to you or not, but your sister-in-law has given me your address to ask a question that you might be able to channel my husband.

He and I were married for 32 years and he was my third husband and the love of my life. He always said he would die young as his father died at 73 and his grandfather also in his early seventies. I want to know why he left me when I am to have open heart surgery and he was to be my caregiver and his leaving has caused so much sorrow for his son as well as myself.

Higgins:     For read-ability we will answer this question in several parts.

Physical man comes forward into the Earth realm from the non-physical realm. The essence that is mankind is eternal. That part of man is sometimes called the soul. The soul inhabits a body for a while. Death comes when the soul departs the body. Souls reincarnate a varying number of times. Some souls come into the Earth realm thousands of times and some just a few.

Many of you believe that when a person dies that is the end of them. Not so. It is simply the end of that body/soul duo. That particular body/soul duo will never occur again however that soul may certainly return to physical again and again.

After death the soul, which is an extension of a Broader Being, returns to itself. The soul reconnects with its Eternal Self. Often, there is a rest period, a kind of slumber, during which the soul recovers from its Earth Adventure. This is much like taking a few days to rest after vacationing. After the soul recovers from its Earth Adventure it resumes participation in the non-physical life realm. This realm is much like life on Earth in some ways but there is far more variety and sweeter, more genuine interactions.

The soul may begin planning its next Earth Adventure or choose to stay non-physical. The non-physical realm has great scope and there is much to be explored here also.

Consider this much and we will resume this conversation as a separate blog entry.

Received November 22, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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