Can Stuff Just Happen?

Question:     I don’t think I consciously had a fear of having cancer or ever thought I would have cancer, yet last year I had cancer.  I know emotions can cause physical problems, and maybe in my case it did.  But, is this the case all the time with everything that occurs in our lives . . . we somehow manifest it even if we are not aware of it.  And, if that is true, it seems somehow unfair or like a trick.  How can we know every thought and subconscious thought we are having so that we manifest what we desire and not what we don’t desire?  Sometimes, doesn’t “stuff” just happen??  With love, your often very dense friend, (name removed)

Higgins:     The Earth realm is impressive in the sheer variety it offers in response to vibrational output. So while you may never have seriously considered that you yourself could or would ever develop cancer your consideration of it really has little to do with whether or not you develop it. Vibrational equivalents are the important thing in manifestation.

The Universe is attractive, meaning that physical life experience returns to you a mirror image of the vibrational offering you make. You never had to think about cancer to get cancer if your regular vibrational output has been equal to some form of cancer. There may be many physical manifestations that are equal to that which you’ve put out. The Universe expends no effort on what it sends, it always sends the easiest, most efficient offering.

You ask, “Doesn’t “stuff” just happen?” What you are really asking is whether anything can ever manifest that you yourself did not ‘request’ vibrationally. The answer is yes. Sometimes. To grasp how often this occurs, consider the 24 hour day as 100%. Roughly ninety-nine percent of the day you draw unto yourself and perhaps 1% is artifact. The neighbor’s mail getting delivered to your house, that’s artifact. Cancer is not artifact.

The Earth realm is not a test. It is not a punishment or place to redeem yourself. The Earth realm is designed for mankind. It is designed specifically to provide for your every desire and to do so abundantly. The Universe, however, does not read anything but vibration so achieving your desires vs. achieving your vibrational equivalent is up to you. There is nothing fairer. The Universe is impartial and the law absolute.

To know whether or not you are on the right track look around you. There is no need to monitor every thought. Simply look around. Is your household organized or in disarray? Is your car clean or dirty? Do you have enough money? What about relationships, are yours good? Or do you nurture any relationships at all? What is your neighborhood like? Are your clothes clean and well maintained or do they need mending or replacing? Do you have too much stuff or not enough of the things you need? What is happening to your health and the health of your pets?

If you like what you see then your vibrational output is OK. If not, choose your thoughts and words more carefully. Everything that occurs in your life reflects you back to yourself. You reap what you sow. It is not possible to plant corn and harvest cucumber. It defies law.

We include the way you signed your note to us, “With love, your often very dense friend,” because this is something you need to look at as a reflection of you. If you will persist in making statements about yourself claiming to be dense, indeed, spiritual advancement will be slow and laborious.

You are not at all dense. You are brilliant. But remember, just because you don’t want a thing doesn’t mean you are in alignment with not having it.

A very large ship or a locomotive, they are the same in that due to the momentum they carry stopping them in order to then reverse and go the other way takes time. So it is with you. Since there is nothing you can do to speed up the turn around process you may as well relax and enjoy where you are right now. It is the only thing you can do. It is the only thing you ‘should’ do. It is the thing we recommend for you.

There is no need to defend where you are in life. You are guided (by impulse and inclination) towards expression of a plan you laid out before birth. All you need to do is relax and everything will come around right.

When you can respond gently to all that comes at you, no matter how evil and ugly it may seem, you will be well on your way towards a happy, satisfying life.

We need to add that it is not enough to respond gently, you must also feel gentle as you respond. The Universe will then respond gently to you.

Received November 11, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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