Why Did He Leave Me Now? Part Three of Three

(Note: this question came in two parts so I’ve included information from two emails.)

Question:     My husband passed away on October 2, 2012 one day after his 70th. birthday and two days  before our 32nd. wedding anniversary. My question is: why did he leave me so soon especially when he was to take care of me after my up coming open heart surgery. And why did he leave me with so much responsibility.

I miss him terribly and question why he had to leave me now.

(Second part):     I’m not sure if my original email was sent to you or not, but your sister-in-law has given me your address to ask a question that you might be able to channel my husband.

He and I were married for 32 years and he was my third husband and the love of my life. He always said he would die young as his father died at 73 and his grandfather also in his early seventies. I want to know why he left me when I am to have open heart surgery and he was to be my caregiver and his leaving has caused so much sorrow for his son as well as myself.

Higgins:    OK, so your husband has withdrawn his energetic offering. You and he had a balanced system worked out and much like pulling the chair out from under you just as you plan to sit in it, he has withdrawn his energy and you feel as though you have crashed harshly to the ground.

We encourage two things for your recovery. Firstly, we encourage you to grieve. The outpouring of grief is healing, much like blood loss helps to cleanse a wound. Much the same way that blood loss slows and stops and the healing process begins, you will grieve for a time and eventually the pain will slow and the healing process will begin.

The moment you begin to feel as though the emotional pain is slowing we encourage you to practice harmonizing your energy, the second step for your recovery process.

As we stated in the previous entry physicals are animated by their Eternal Being and (very generally) energy flows from above the head to below the feet, grounding in the Earth. The Earth realm is a fairly difficult, though intensely rich and rewarding, life experience. When difficulties arise it is common for the energy body to become ‘damaged’. Flow is inhibited.

When energy flow is inhibited the body and life experience will both, over time, reflect back to you this imbalance. The body shows stuck, non-flowing energy as disease and the life experience will reflect stuck, non-flowing energy as negative life experience.

In order to keep your energy flowing well you must direct it. This is simple enough to do. Intend that your energy flow harmoniously through you, drawing you ever closer to experiencing the happiness of your Eternal Truth.

Intend that your energy flow harmoniously through you, drawing you into experiencing the happiness of your Eternal Truth

You may have to remind your energy to flow many times a day at first. As years pass and you become practiced at staying in harmony with the Truth of Your Eternal Being you won’t  have to remind yourself so often to stay in balance. At first though, you will  need to do it often.

It takes only a few seconds to feel better once you’ve directed your energy to flow harmoniously towards your happiness. This is because your Eternal Being sends you plenty of energy at all times and when you run it through you the way it is intended to run you feel good.

This will take some concentration on your part. We’ve noticed that sometimes you physicals would rather feel down than to exert the effort required to focus on feeling good. However, it is not hard to do. It simply takes a little focus and concentration.

When your energy stabilizes in this harmonious flow you will begin to notice nice little things. Life will get better. The more you are able to focus on maintaining this harmonious energy flow the better life will get. Doors will open where there were no doors before and you will live life with renewed vigour.

Received November 22, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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