Energetic Flow Indicating More Money

Question:     What would energetic flow indicating more money feel like in the human body?

Higgins:     If more money is headed your way the energetic flow that is indicative of that positive flow of money would feel good. Many positive things would flow into your life on the same wavelength of energy, though, so it would be difficult to assess money specifically based on how you feel energetically. What is more important is how you feel in general.

When you think about money do you feel positive or negative? If you feel positive then money is either coming soon or is already arriving. Likely, it is already arriving. Perhaps it is arriving in small ways but already you see some positive change.

If you feel negativity when you think about money, money is not flowing as well as it could. Because it is very hard to emit a positive vibration about a subject that is lacking in your life experience our suggestion in this case is to quit thinking about money. Instead, focus upon something that is easy for you to feel positive about.

Focus continually upon positive aspects already in your life. Specifically do not think about money. Actively find nice things to think about that are pleasant and uplifting to your heart.

Focusing on positive aspects of your life will cause you to emit positive vibration. More money will easily slide into your life on this wavelength of pleasant and uplifting thoughts.

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