Why Did He Leave After So Long?

Question:     Why did he leave after so long?

Higgins:      Humans are drawn towards one another or repelled away from one another much like magnets. (We encourage you to find two magnets and try this so you will understand more fully.)

When people emit similar or attractive vibrations they are pulled together by the unseen strings of the universe. When they emit dissimilar or repulsive vibrations they are pushed away from one another by those same unseen machinations of the universe.

Two people with completely dissimilar vibrations simply cannot get together. They cannot meet up on the street or visit in a café. It simply defies law. (That is why each of you would be wise to spend some time each day cleaning up the vibration you offer. If you offer clean vibration of pure intent to live life in harmony with the Truth of your Soul Being, if you expect safety, good health and longevity and go about life in a light-hearted manner no other person with ill intent can enter your experience.)

When two people come together in relationship their initial output is attractive. If the two do not continually expend small but continual well-intentioned thought and effort towards growing forward into life together eventually the vibrational emissions of each person change and one grows one way and one grows the other. Rather than growing tighter together they grow apart, like those magnets.

One person cannot, with any amount of good intention and effort, create a life where two draw together if the other has another vision. It is important from the onset of any relationship to find common ground and build together continually for as long as you both shall live. If you do not vibrate together you will vibrate apart.

Remember that two can live in the same house yet not be together. Build together.

So why did he leave after so long? The two of you would have to be growing apart for quite some time and/or he had a vision for his life that was so strong that he was pulled away to fulfill it. Either way, you did not grow with him into this new vision.

Whether he left because you and he finally arrived at such differing vibrations that you repelled one another or whether he was pulled away by some grander life vision he carried matters little. The end result is the same. He is gone leaving you empty.

Your choice now is to repair your own vibrational emissions so that you may attract a relationship that suits you. Consider the aspects of life with him that you enjoyed and draw that back into your life by virtue of clean, clear, well-intentioned vibrational emission.

Received November 28, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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