Dealing with Interference

Question:  I believe you when you say that those things that we dream of being are truth for us.  So for me, I dream of being a writer and an artist. I took some time off from working to pursue these things and in two years have not painted one picture or pursued art of any form to any appreciable degree.  As for writing, I’ve done some but barely any on the actual thing I wanted to write on, if that makes sense.

It seems that there is always some other thing more pressing that needs to be done and since I am ‘not working’ I have time to do it.  All kinds of people seem to find ways to fill my time for me and think up things for me to do.  Sometimes I say no but many times I say yes.

Why does this interference happen?  Am I causing it in some way?

Higgins:  Two aspects to this.  First, we know you and know that what you are writing, or trying to write, the world is not quite ready for. It will be soon and so in the now time you are writing against the tide. Like swimming against the tide, writing against the tide is a difficult thing to do.  As you continue to ponder and piece this story together the universe will come into alignment with you as the people of the world get ready (on a vibrational level) to receive it.

Think of a sink full of water.  When first the drain is opened it seems the water is emptying very slowly but as the water level lowers it appears to empty faster until the very last of the water sucks down the drain with a slurp.  When you have puttered along on this story long enough there will be a feeling of being that last bit of water as it is slurped.  It will happen very quickly.

Let’s add to that: You and the universe are water flowing steadily and without effort down the drain. When the vibration of the masses slips into alignment with what your book offers, and it will, it is the alignment of what you and the universe are working on with the vibrational pull of the mass consciousness that will cause the slurping feeling.

Second, it is true that you are not in complete alignment with the book and all the things that completing the book will bring into your life. When you decide that you are a writer.  When you decide that you can be and will be successful then you will be firm in your writing pursuits. Just as it is easy to say, “Sorry, I can’t do that because I am scheduled to work that day,” you will easily make time for writing. It will come easily when it comes so don’t put much effort into making this happen for you.  Instead, put gentle pressure, gentle effort into writing regularly upon something, anything.  Work at it a little here and there and as what you want to say begins to form more clearly you will naturally be drawn to spend more time at it and the book will begin to take shape very quickly.  Those interferences will simply drop away.

Really Friend, other than consistent gentle effort and clear intent there is not much work on your part so if it seems like work then something is amiss.  When that happens, relax and try again from the relaxed place.

Received June 15, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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