Offering from Higgins:

The universe flows.  One either flows with the energy of the universe or struggles against it. Think of a lazy river, a manmade fun ride type of lazy river.  Imagine yourself in a comfortable flotation device meandering along.  The water rushes faster or slower depending upon your location in the river but always the flow of the river pushes you and your flotation device along. Occasionally the flotation system with you upon it may stall for a moment in a manmade backwater but a simple, gentle push from your hand placed against the wall of the pool/river will set you in motion once again.

The work required on your part is almost non-existent.  Your greatest requirement is to enjoy the activity.

Now the question becomes ‘how does one get into the flow’?

The best visualization we have yet come across is that of learning to water ski.  Envision yourself in the water behind a ski boat.  You are floating easily in a life vest. There are two long skis strapped to you, one on each foot.  Try as you will you simply cannot pull those skis into alignment and trying to do so is painful. In fact, the more you struggle and work to straighten those skis the more it hurts.

The water itself grips those skis and pulls one leg this way and the other that way and there may seemingly be no way to get those skis positioned.  That is, until your friends in the boat call out, “Relax!  The skis will float into place the moment you quit struggling!”

It seems incomprehensible yet you allow yourself to do nothing.  Every muscle relaxes and your life vest does keep your head comfortably above water and impossibly, the skis do immediately float into position.

That is what you are trying to achieve, Friends.  That total relaxation. When you relax and quit struggling your life will align swiftly and easily and better yet, it will quit hurting.

Blessings, Friends.  All is well.

Received June 17, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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    YES! Thanks Cheryl.

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    Love the new picture at the top. really cool.

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