Clarification of ‘October Energies and Vibrations’

Question:     In your recent post, October Energies and Vibrations, you said, “Seasons differ globally because Earth’s vibrational rhythm pulses around the globe like a heart beat.”

I thought seasons differ due to the length of daylight and Earth’s distance from the sun.

Higgins:     What you experience visibly is that as the Earth turns one part of the Earth moves farther from the sun while the other gets closer producing weather patterns called seasons.

What’s really happening is that the Earth has a metaphorical heart that stimulates the Earth’s pulsation in much the same way the human heart’s beat stimulates the human pulse. If the Earth’s ‘heart’ was not stimulated to ‘beat’ by an ‘electrical impulse’ the Earth would not rotate, the tides would not change, the sun would not rise and set. The Earth would be dead just as when a human heart is no longer stimulated to beat the human is considered dead.

We wish for you to understand the only thing that exists is metaphor upon metaphor. You are just like the Earth and she is just like you. You are the same.

Received October 25, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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