October Energies and Vibrations

Question:     Are different energies offered season to season or month to month? For example, what are the energies and vibrations we feel in October?

Higgins:     There is a rhythm to life, an ebb and flow. This rhythm is eternal, perpetual and never loses momentum. A swinging pendulum if left alone will eventually stop in a straight downward position centered between its two extreme left to right swings. Though the rhythm of life gains momentum in the spring and loses momentum in the fall it never ceases and repeats itself into eternity.

Outward manifestations of Life’s rhythm appear as tidal change, birth, death, changing seasons and myriad other cycles both overt and covert.

Just as men and women slow in the later years the Earth slows as Autumn sets in. Since all Life is vibration manifest we can also say that Earth’s vibration is slower in Autumn. What you feel on those dog days of summer is the Earth’s waning or slowing vibration.

Seasons differ globally because Earth’s vibrational rhythm pulses around the globe like a heart beat.

When a person plays (children do this especially well) they exude rapid energy waves. They are impulsive and instinctual more than thoughtful and receptive. When play ceases, exuberance spent, a person tends to be quieter and more contemplative. This is often capitalized on by studying or engaging in conversation but many choose television, computers, electronic gaming or even sleep instead.

What is felt in October, especially near the end of the month, is that slowing and subsequent quieting of Life’s rhythm. This quieting is by design so that in the shade of summer’s exuberance mankind may sink inwards, re-establishing a strong link with the eternal so that they too may eternally arise in the spring.

Received October 23, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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