Bringing Dreams to Fruition

Question:     Once I have a dream in mind how do I bring it to fruition?

Higgins:     All desires are manifested the same way. Step One: think It up. Step Two: decide It is desirable to achieve. Step three: relax about It.

Many of  you get tied up right after deciding It is desirable. At this point you start fussing, working hard and generally spinning your wheels. If relaxation is the very next step the brain, which is a receiver, will be better able to receive important information from your Eternal Self and Spirit Guides.

This information is designed to assist you in achieving your goals. It will come as inspired thought and impulse.

Step four: follow-up on those ideas and impulses. This is the action phase. Typically, very little needs to be done at any given time. Each step will be small and easy although there may be many, many small steps that will unfold before you complete the creation of It.

Step five: enjoy the process. Enjoy the tasks required to complete each small step and bask in the satisfaction completing the step will bring. Enjoyment of the task at hand will bring your emotions into alignment with your dream one small step at a time.

Step six: (not a required step but a helpful one) notice all the little ways your dream is showing itself to you along the way. Get good at interpreting metaphor. For example, your dream is to write a book and have it published. Years are going by and your writing is progressing slowly when out of the blue an acquaintance whom you’ve not heard from for several years emails to say her book has been published and is due out soon.

This is the metaphor we’re talking about. Learn to read every life occurrence as a reflection of your own life. Whether you are headed towards negativity or positivity it will be reflected back at you on a daily basis.

Keep repeating Steps four and  five until your dream comes to fruition. The more small steps you take the easier it will be to know what next steps to take and so the momentum builds until one day your project births.

Received October 21, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington, USA

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