Do Crystals Affect the Human Energy Body?

Note:     This is part two of a two-part question/response. They talked about crystals and energy first (published October 28, 2012).

Question:     I have a question for Higgins, when you get a chance.

During the first part of the session they were reading my energy and asking me what was causing my energy to go off to one side and also that it was being cut off at the knees.

Well later that evening I was at a blessing session that I go to every Wednesday and I met a woman who was telling me that she has been studying crystals. I happened to have a crystal in my left pocket (the direction Higgins gestured toward as the energy leak) that I’d had in there during Higgins’ session. I’ve just by habit sometimes just kept it in my pocket for, I guess thinking it was good luck or helping my energy stabilize.

So I had her look at the crystal, as I really don’t know anything about them.  She said that the crystal needed to be cleansed as it was holding negative energy.  (I naively didn’t realize they would do that, always thought they were just good energy carriers!)

So I am wondering if that is what Higgins was picking up on, because actually I did feel when I was carrying the crystal that I had kind of a knot of energy in my heart Chakra which this woman also mentioned. Even during the Higgins session, I thought it was my posture or something.

It would be helpful to know how something like this would affect their reading of my energy.

It would seem I should use more discernment and gather knowledge before just picking things up thinking they’re just good!

It seems like this would be helpful information in general if it is the case that something like this could throw off energy.

Higgins:     As regards whether this crystal had effect upon your energy at the time of our session with you:

Each person is energy that the mind interprets as human being. When we ‘read’  a person’s energy body we are really following the flow of the energy that you are. Energy should, generally speaking, flow from head to toe. Sometimes energy flows off the human body prior to reaching the ground due to a strong emotional connection, like that of parent/child. As long as the relationship is in harmony the net energy flow will be neutral because as much energy is flowing out as is flowing in.

Many times, though, when energy flows off of the human energy body before reaching the ground it is due to some negative influence in that person’s life.

Another aspect of ‘reading’ the human energy body is whether the aura is complete or not. A complete aura is egg-shaped. It starts above the human head and flows smoothly in an arc towards the ground ending below the feet. Significant aberrations indicate an energy block and are a reflection of discomfort of some kind within that person’s life.

While we might read a crystal as a ‘bump’ on your aura we would not read it as the significant block that you were experiencing that afternoon. Nor would a crystal carried on your person cause an energy leakage like that which flowed off of you that day.

Instead, in the unconscious way that the universe works you were impulsed to carry that crystal with you in the area as close to the ‘problem’ area that you could get it: in your pocket.

Whether the crystal came to you energetically dirty or whether it was dirtied by its collecting of your own negativity we would say to that, “Both.” The crystal, as all things must, had to be in energetic alignment with you in order for it to come into your path in the first place.

All things upon planet Earth are here for human interest and enjoyment. If carrying a crystal with you brings you pleasure then by all means, carry one. Crystals love to participate with you. But a crystal is not needed to center you and keep you grounded. That is something each of you does naturally and can be accomplished swiftly simply by reminding your energy to flow in harmony with your pursuit of happiness.

Received October 30, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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