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Process for Improving One’s Life*

Offering from Higgins: Here is a simple process for improving your life and the world around you. Pick a word that describes what you want in your life. Let’s say for example that you would enjoy a life that was … Continue reading

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What is that Hole in the Middle of My Gut?*

Question:  What causes me to feel empty inside, like I have a big hole in the middle of my gut? Higgins:  Marvelous, brilliant! Acknowledge that hole! That center is your being-ness point. You do not communicate from your head.  Your … Continue reading

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Distinction Between Body Energy and Body Vibration*

Question:  I wonder what Higgins would respond to, “Are there distinctions between body energy and body vibration?  Are they one and the same?  How do they affect/effect one another?” Cheryl’s note: Affect (  to act on; to produce an effect … Continue reading

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Only You Know What Is Right For You

Question:     In a previous response you said, “Keep in mind that stronger emotion produced by new thought means the thought is true for you. Each person has their own Truth and what is true for you may not be true … Continue reading

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Elevating Thinking

Question:    How can I elevate my thinking? Higgins:     We’ll respond to this question as if ‘elevate my thinking’ means that you wish to think thoughts that are vibrationally faster thus feel better. When your thoughts spiral downward emotion plummets and it … Continue reading

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Throwing Things Away

Question:     I have a hard time throwing things away. Higgins:     Many of you do. Each of you has a source of energy for illumination and animation. The human body primarily runs this energy from just above the head to the same distance below … Continue reading

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Relax Into Your Own Well-Being

Question:     How does one relax into their own well-being? Higgins:     Practice is the key to relaxing into well-being. The natural, normal state for humanity is well. Physical and mental well-being is the birth-right of humans and of all things upon the … Continue reading

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