Comment Without Judgement

Offering from Higgins:

Whenever you judge something you are making a conscious determination that one thing is right (or better) and another wrong (or worse). The fact is, there is no Universal right or wrong. There is only what feels right or wrong for you. This is an important distinction because what is right for one may not be right for another and similarly, what is wrong for one may not be wrong for another.

Fortunately, each of you has a personal system in place for decision-making. This system assists each individual in making impeccable decisions that are in harmony with all things. The system works for every decision that could ever present itself and is 100% portable. It travels with you everywhere and is available at all times.

The system we are talking about is your heart. Every thought you have is considered by your Broader Being. Relative to the agreement you have with your Broader Self regarding your desires for this lifetime (which were made before you were born) this Broader Being offers emotions that register in your heart and body.

The information you need is offered regardless of whether you respond to it so all you have to do to use this heart based decision-making system is simply begin listening to your heart and body. For every decision you need to make there will be a slight upswing or downswing within the heart. Sometimes the decision comes down to a feeling that is least worst but nonetheless the right decision always feels somewhat better than the other options.

Since everyone has their own system designed specifically for them there is simply no value in judging them or their decisions for you cannot ever know better than they. It defies laws in place within the Universe to be able to make decisions for another and many a marvelous idea has been stifled by criticism.

So next time you feel that urge to comment on another’s decisions….stop. Remind yourself that you simply cannot know what the other’s path is. Instead, practice finding words that are uplifting and supportive. You will find that choosing words that are positive and non-judgemental will enhance your life experience in myriad unpredictable ways.

Received October 6, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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