When A Comment Makes People Turn Against You

Question:     Higgins, what happens when a comment I make causes people to turn against me?

Higgins:     Unseen forces steer the goings on of Planet Earth and all the Universe. Imagine a web of energy running every possible direction. This is what you exist within and everything occurs within this web. This web is sometimes called the matrix.

Let’s further envision this web as magnetic and each of you is drawn along magnetic lines. You cannot help being drawn along these lines for this is how the Universe works.

When something negative happens it means that you’ve been drawn magnetically into this negativity. Just as easily the matrix can draw positive experience. The difference between being drawn into positive versus negative experience is your personal energetic offering prior to the positive or negative experience.

Let’s say for example that you are headed to meet a few friends for coffee but you’re feeling just a little off today. The reason doesn’t matter but the energetic frequency  you emit does. When you are off kilter emotionally this energy is emitted to the Universe. The Universe responds by (magnetically) drawing you through the matrix towards experiences equal to the energy you are emitting.

Any number of negative things can occur depending upon the emotion you carry. For this example let’s say that the world seems heavy and unfriendly today. When you open your mouth to speak you simply cannot help but utter words that could be misconstrued or found by others to be somehow offensive. If they themselves are in a  good mood the Universal matrix will draw them towards hearing the best in what you had to say. Otherwise, it is likely they will take offense and you may feel that your comment caused people to turn against you.

This is easily solvable. Each morning spend a few minutes setting your intent for the day. Your thoughts may run like this:

I would like my day to flow smoothly and easily. I wish to speak my truth with kindness. I choose to engage in positive interaction with those I meet today and every day. I choose to remain centered in my personal Truth although the world may seem crazy around me.

We encourage you to customize this for your own happiness and satisfaction. When you are able to remain stable and centered in your own Truth you will less often be drawn into uncomfortable situations. This takes some practice and undoubtedly there will be times when you feel you’ve done all the ‘right’ things to set up a pleasant day and still negativity pops in. We assure you that with practice and persistence life will smooth out and every day will be easier, brighter and more fulfilling.

Received October 8, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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