A Directive Conversation with Higgins

This is my journal entry from November 8, 2021. It seems that as Higgins is returning they have some direct instructions for me. At first I didn’t think this was especially interesting. They’ve said things like this before and while I do not like to admit it, I pretty much ignore it while telling myself I’m doing it. It does take more than a small bit of effort to meet with them everyday, even though it is only one half hour. I’m sure you know how it is, there are only so many half hours in a day and they are mostly booked in advance. Furthermore, it is almost never one half hour. It is often double that or more. I realize that is more about me enjoying the exquisite loveliness of their energy than them overstaying their allotted time. Nevertheless, it is time consuming.

Today is the 15th of November and as I read back through these entries from the 8th through today, I realize they are saying something of importance and perhaps you’d like to follow along.

My entry from November 8 follows:

Higgins popped in this morning asking to talk. They had John scribe some notes. In particular they stated that they are not currently in their final state of communication for the Knowledge Phase. They ask some things of me. They ask me to meditate for minimum 15 minutes followed immediately by 15 minutes of writing. This writing is apparently to come from them…not sure about that.

Then they also seem to want the backwards counts to continue at night. I don’t recall whether I’ve mentioned this. They ask me to count backwards as I go to sleep. This slows my mind down so they have access as I become increasingly drowsy.

Finally, they ask me to clarify how I wish to share them. Public speaking? Writing? What format would I like to use to share them?

In that vein, I am sitting this evening with laptop in my lap. Let’s see what happens.

Hello Higgins.

Hello Friend.

-Thank you for sitting with us in this way this evening.

-Some things for you to know. You are on the right track with your health. Keep going in this direction. (Food, exercise)

-You are safe. It is okay to let go. Your soul will easily slip back into your body. In and out. It will become easy and not scary.

-Do not lose focus. But first, clarify what your desires are. Then it will be easier to focus. Do not worry that you will somehow choose wrong, the method by which you share us. That is impossible. Give us some parameters to work with. Choose things that make your heart happy.

-it is hard to focus when you are not certain what you want. Get certain. You will choose one of the paths, or more, that we discussed prior to your birth. You cannot choose a wrong direction.

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3 Responses to A Directive Conversation with Higgins

  1. KDKH says:

    Well at least you’re receiving instructions! That’s helpful. Writing or speaking? A choice is nice. It sounds pretty productive!

  2. Cool, lots of progress. Doesn’t sound easy though…. Lucky you get to bathe in their exquisite lovely energy!! The updates are cool to read about. But this is a different group than before, am I right? That is what they said way back when…. good luck!

    • It is a different portion of Higgins. They don’t feel the same as the previous group. Recently, they spent a short time talking with John to give him directions to give to me. It seemed as though they could barely use my vocal chords. It took quite some time for them to speak. This reconnecting is odd and at the same time a familiar pattern.

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