A Conversation with Higgins, November 10, 2021

November 15, 2021. I am realizing that Higgins is beginning to share information of interest and I want for you to have an understanding of their words, but also how it is for me to receive them. What follows from November 10 is an attempt at creating a conversation with them. I find this hard to do because I don’t know what constitutes the knowledge phase. I certainly understand wisdom phase questions but I am less clear about knowledge. In the end, I just started with the thing on my mind that day.

November 10, 2021

What causes overweightedness in a person, me for example?

H: It is not all about fulfillment, but in many instances overweight is a reflection of overwhelm. Look around you and notice how many things you have stored in excess. As you begin to approach a life in which each day brings a sense of fulfillment, you will not have to eat to achieve that feeling of fullness.

How does one approach a life in which each day brings a sense of fulfillment?

H: Where does your passion lie? Spend an amount of time each day working at that thing that you are passionate about. If passion does not describe your interest level, then spend an amount of time each day working at that thing that continually impresses itself upon you that you would like to do it.

I guess for me, that is you.

H: Yes. And during your lifetime, what is one thing that has been easy for you and been a constant thought for you?

Writing, of course.

H: Yes. Does it make sense then, that when you think of bringing us forth via the written word you feel most comfortable?


H: And when you observe your physical surroundings and notice the things that you do not like and you are reminded again and again that you would like to write in such a way as to address those issues, does that not seem like a worthy goal?


H: The thing that will bring you that sense of fulfillment has been before you, in plain sight, for many years. You have little belief in your ability to accomplish it and therefore you do not make much progress. Hence, you feel more overwhelmed and unable to ‘control’ your surroundings and that is why food is such a wonderful draw. That will not always be so.

Why do  you place the word control in ‘ ‘ marks?

H: Because control is not quite the correct word. You create your surroundings continually and in that respect have control, but you do not control a situation, a situation unfolds relative to what you create. In essence, you have control over your thoughts now, in the present, but once the thoughts you have become the past your opportunity to control your next now, your next present moment, is gone.

Will I be able to write your words in the way I want to write them?

H: You have the potential to do that. The question is, will you do that?

I try.

H: You talk about writing. You say you want to. In reality, you spend a much larger part of your time justifying why you don’t write than actually writing. Practice makes perfect. That is a true thing. You keep expecting perfection the first time out and then become frustrated when you do not have instant success. Write. Keep attempting one avenue and then another until you find the correct one. We mean, write the idea you have as far as it will go. Then write your next idea as far as it will go. Eventually you will have success.

Thank you, Higgins.

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  1. janonlife says:

    Great guidance. Just the advice I need, too!

  2. simulismblog says:

    Thank you Cheryl for sharing Higgins’ deep wisdom which benefits to many.

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