A Conversation with Higgins, December 11, 2021

Yesterday at work I had the opportunity at lunch to go up to the Chapel and sit. It is a quiet place and usually I am the only one there, so it is an opportunity to quiet my mind and take off my mask. The only other place to take one’s mask off is outside and it was too rainy, windy, and cold yesterday for that to be inviting.

Since I am practicing gratitude this month, I sat to find gratitude. For some reason, that nice warm feeling of true gratitude was elusive, so instead I started a backward count from zero. I counted slowly and as I approached negative twenty they ‘said’ to me, be careful. Be careful.

I counted more slowly and at nineteen they said again, be careful. I began to count by tenths and again as I got to about nineteen point six they said, be careful. I counted even more slowly but that wasn’t enough. They said again, be careful. So I stopped at nineteen point nine.

It remains unclear what the warning was about.

Last night, in bed but prior to sleep, I did another backward count with no such warnings and still they did not say why they told me to be careful earlier in the day. This time, they did not pop into me in the paralyzing way they did a few days ago. This time they quietly assumed that wonderful, intense tingly feeling which started covertly and grew more overt as I counted backwards slowly. I noticed my mind get increasingly quiet with each passing number. As my mind quieted, the feeling of powerful energy coursing through me became correspondingly greater.

The feeling was so delicious I lay there a long time. What was strange was how much my body hurt in the midst of that wonderful energetic flow. I experienced especially dreadful aches in my right foot in the metatarsal area under my fourth toe. Occasionally, there were shooting zings in my legs, feet arms and torso. It felt like they were hitting nerves.

After awhile I began to notice how exhausting it was to carry this energy. I stayed at it as long as I could but eventually I asked to get out and they were quite accommodating. I checked the clock. Two hours had gone by.

A thing to mention: When I began to notice how exhausting it was to carry their energy they said, and they said it several time, this is the cost, this is what we mean by the Law of Economics.

I’d like to think that I am beginning to understand the Law of Economics but I don’t think that I am.


C: Please explain the Law of Economics.

H: Your mind is not quiet enough.

(I have counted to negative fourteen. They recently said be at least to zero before I attempt to communicate with them. I resume the count from negative fourteen, but they have me start over at zero. This time I get lost about negative eight and soon they are ready to begin.)

The Law of Economics is the effort you apply towards achieving your goals. In some ways it is an energy expenditure. It is the effort extended in applying the Law of Attraction whether the effort is mental or physical.

C: For example, the effort I put into finding gratitude, the effort exerted on my part is Law of Economics?

H: Yes.

C: You have often said the Universe expends no energy in achieving its goals.

H: That is correct. The Universal flow of energy is always downhill, in a sense.

C: Why does it take effort on our part to do anything?

H: The effort expended to align with the Universal flow of energy is the Law of Economics. Those things you are aligned with flow towards you easily. The cost in terms of the Law of Economics is very low.

For example, if you are already aligned with poverty, it is very easy for the Universal flow to provide you with more poverty. The Law of Economics is the effort you expend changing your focus from lack to abundance.

If you are experiencing poor health, and your thoughts are focused on your poor health, poor health continues to flow easily into your life experience. The cost in terms of the Law of Economics is very low for you to have continued poor health. If you shift your thoughts towards vibrant good health, the Law of Economics is the effort you expend shifting your focus away from your poor health and onto vibrant good health.

C: I am having trouble focusing today, Higgins. I hope you don’t mind if we stop here.

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