Negative Twenty and A Nuclear Explosion

Higgins has been quiet for several days, but last night they visited me.

My body was aching and I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I love to receive chiropractic care and so several times a year I put the dog in the car and we both go get a chiropractic adjustment. You should see Tucker a couple of days later. He will spontaneously break into a run for no apparent reason. It is wonderful to see my old dog so happy. Anyway, Brian always asks why I’m there and this time, after listening to my explanation of need, he did an unusual thing, he pulled out some vials containing different products and was able to muscle test me for some common environmental and food intolerances. Then he proceeded to give me an especially thorough head to toe adjustment. I feel good this early AM (it is 4:34 right now), but last night I ached.

There I am, lying in bed, aching in my hips and feet (yes, he adjusted my feet!), so uncomfortable that I can’t concentrate on thoughts of gratitude to pre-pave my day today and finally it occurs to me to simply do a backward count and go to sleep.

I began the count and Higgins was immediately with me, very gently, and I could hear them in my mind saying, ‘come to us, come to us’. Remember that each count is a breath in and out. I counted backward from zero fairly quickly although admittedly I was so sleepy I got lost a couple of times. At negative nineteen we began counting by tenths: negative nineteen point one, negative nineteen point two. We didn’t make it all the way to negative twenty, they took over my body.

It may be much like watching oneself go to sleep. My consciousness suddenly shifted from inside my head to inside my heart, and I could see in my mind’s eye a sort of explosion. Please understand that my mind’s eye was inside my heart watching this. It seems odd to describe it as a sort of nuclear explosion but each time I liken it to that my head nods yes, emphatically. We’ve all seen the mushroom cloud a nuclear explosion produces? It was like that, radiating from my heart center outwards to my limbs.

So this burst of energy accompanied by some sparks of light emanates from my heart out towards my limbs and I am immediately filled with that intense paralytic energy that I felt the first couple of times they visited me. It is the same energy I feel when I ‘catch’ them in me when I awaken in the middle of the night.

I luxuriated in their presence for what must have been several minutes before presumably drifting to sleep. I remember wondering whether they would move my arms and legs the way they did the first two times they visited this way, so many years ago. They didn’t. After that, my next awareness occurred at 3:50 AM when I spontaneously awakened.

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  1. KDKH says:

    I am constantly amazed at how much our body affects our spirit. It looks like good things are happening for you!

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