A Conversation with Higgins, December 5, 2021

C: Good morning, Higgins.

H: Good morning, Friend. You are not with us yet. Go find us.

(Pause ensues while I count from zero to negative eighteen, which is as far back as I can go. I feel a gentle pressure surrounding me, but not the overt sensation that a solid connection with Higgins usually brings.)

C: I don’t feel that sensation that you usually feel like to me.

H: You have not stimulated the flow enough. Wait. You are impatient.

(Another shorter pause.)

Do you feel us now?

C: Yes. You are quite heavy. If you were any heavier, I could not type.

H: Good. Did you notice how quickly we became ‘heavy’ after you began asking?

C: Yes, almost immediately.

H: Good. Try typing your first question before connecting with us.

C: Okay. This leads me to a first question. Even though I am faithfully documenting this information it seems I cannot remember it from day to day. I actually have to go back and read what I wrote in order to follow up on those things you tell me. Even when I read what you have said, my recollection of it is ephemeral.

H: And so it will be for awhile.

C: Why is this so?

H: Your mind is being rewired.

C: Since I don’t know how to respond to that, let’s move on.

This conversation started some days ago with getting at the root of the problem. I feel as though you’ve answered this issue but as I mentioned, I am a little hazy. Will you sum it up?

H: Getting at the root of the problem is your life’s purpose. Those few words sum up your reason for existence. We feel your immediate reaction, wondering how you got where you are in life, rather than starting with as a child.

You needed the breadth and scope of understanding that you have achieved in order to apply our offerings. Be grateful for what to you seems like taking the long route. In fact, your life has been just the right route, bringing you a taste of so many possible options. What seem to you like ups and downs in your life, have been gentle ocean swells compared with those who have experienced similar ups and downs more intimately.

C: I think I understand that. For example, I have lived poor, and I have lived with more, but never extreme poverty nor extreme wealth.

H: Exactly. But enough to have compassion for some of the issues that arise from either.

C: Yes.

H: And so it is on many topics.

C: Yes.

H: Right now you are in exactly the right place at the right time with the right skill set to realize your reason for existence.

We know that others come to their understanding of their reason for existence earlier. They seem to know from birth. You envy these people. Some never understand their reason for birth.

Your life is unfolding exactly as it should. Relax and enjoy the ride.

C: I sense that you are about to share something important.

(Pause as I totally lose my connection.)

C: Higgins, why is it that in those moments that I feel you are about to share something important, the computer freezes and loses all the information I typed or I lose my connection to you?

H: Fear. You become breathless and tense. Relax. All is well.

Regain your connection.

(Another pause while I reconnect.)

C: At this point, I can’t remember where we started today’s conversation.

H: We remember. Getting to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is, in essence, that most of you do not know that you create your existence. Further, you do not know how to create your existence. You are unable to follow your inspirations for one reason or another. If you could, you would find happiness with or without understanding how to intentionally create. In fact, that was the intended way for you to live. However, life in the Earth realm is denser than expected and you are needing some help. Enter Higgins and others like us.

Generally, humanity is off balance. You feel that it is possible for some people to have everything and others to have nothing. That is impossible. For example, people who experience true poverty look at those with much and feel lack. In fact, people who experience true poverty have cornered the market on poverty. They attract lots and lots of poverty and lack and the Universe just keeps sending more because the Universe is abundant and gives you what you ask for. The Universe always responds. Always.

We then offered you tools to solve the problem, from the root. We suggested you pre-pave your days with gratitude, then take action.

We have asked you, the entity, personally to spend a month finding gratitude and pre-paving your days. We will ask you to complete that. For the remainder of this period of time, we will entertain other questions including those you had about physics with Simulismblog, and the more recent questions from Metaphysicsmusic1.

That is all for today.

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