A Conversation with Higgins, December 4, 2021

C: Will you list the tools you have given us for our toolbox?

H: Yes, but first let’s work on our connection. The connection between you and us.

C: Okay.

H: We will have you start at zero and count backwards as far as you are able. Start now.

C: I did it. I only got to zero. I mean, I started at zero and could only repeat zero over and over.

H: Did you notice how you felt?

C: Especially tingly. Not more tingly than ever, just more tingly than lately. It felt like you were swirling around me.

H: Good. From now on, do not begin writing or speaking unless you have at least that much of a connection with us.

Do it again.

C: Okay. I tried but did not feel you as you say, especially tingly like that.

H: Try again.

C: Got it now.

H: Let’s begin. If you lose that connection, stop, regain it, then resume. If you do not recognize when to stop, we will stop for you.

The tools in your toolbox. Gratitude. Gratitude is your first and foremost tool. Practice finding the feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Once you can consistently manufacture that feeling, apply it to the next segment of your day, your day, your weeks, months and years. Think ahead. Then feel gratitude in advance for the life that is coming your way.

Practice it now. Just create your morning.

C: That was….interesting. I decided to create my right now, to improve my connection with you. I often feel as though I am not able to bring you across clearly or right somehow, or maybe that you don’t even exist and I’m making you up.

I thought about how much better my life is since you appeared and how I would enjoy a connection to you that felt safe and reliable. By that I mean a connection that I am sure is bringing forth reliable information.

As I sat there thinking these things, I began to feel sort of warm. Strangely, I couldn’t tell the difference between the gratitude I was manufacturing and you.

H: Exactly! This is what we want you to understand. Gratitude is that powerful! Gratitude is the positive connection to the universe. Everyone has access to it.

Once you are able to manufacture gratitude, begin to find gratitude in literally everything that surrounds you. If you cannot solve, to completion, a discordant note in your life within thirty seconds, find a way to feel gratitude for it. Solve it in thirty seconds if you can. Otherwise find your gratitude.

C: (Thoughts but no clear question comes to mind.)

H: We feel and hear your thoughts. Go ahead and type them for us, please.

C: Well, I’m looking from where I’m sitting over to the kitchen counter. It is strewn with things we use such as a pitcher of water, butter at room temperature, a knife set, and napkins. There are also Thanksgiving greeting cards, birthday cards and even a first Christmas card displayed where we can see them. There is a bag of catnip out…these are just some of the things I can see.

My point is, I didn’t put them all there. Some are things my husband leaves out for his convenience, for his happiness. I have some control over putting my things away, but not his. Some things, like a plant, and a flashlight for when the power goes out, live there on the counter

H: Good. Apply gratitude to any one item on the counter. Additionally, apply gratitude towards a cleared counter surface. Envision it the way you would like it to be.

C: Okay, done. I also applied gratitude towards my husband. I do appreciate that he finds some pleasure in these things also.

H: Good. You’ve nothing left to do about your counter today other than await impulse from the Universe. When the Universal Air Traffic Controller sends you a message, you will need to take action.

C: Okay, Higgins. I can see that not responding to the Air Traffic Controller could lead to a catastrophic collision. I suppose in terms of our conversation, not responding would mean colliding with my cluttered counter repeatedly forever. Not responding is equivalent to not taking action and that goes back to **c* the Law of Attraction. Take action.

H: Excellent. This really does cover the tools in your toolbag. Gratitude, pre-paving, action. These are your tools.

We will add that pre-paving could also be called pretend. Pretend your life is already the way you would like it to be. Imagine your life is already the way you want it to be. Feel gratitude for it. Feel it as it would feel upon its arrival. Then take action.

C: That does not seem like a very big toolbag.

H: But it is mighty. We will stop for now. Please continue to manufacture gratitude. Constantly.

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