A Conversation with Higgins, December 3, 2021

C: Good morning, Higgins. Will you please continue along the topic of giving us the tools we need so that life on Earth does not feel like climbing Mt. Everest?

H: Yesterday, we discussed how it is that you assist others in finding their way in life by finding your own way in life. We hope that it is clear to you that your life is the one you control. None other. When you live your life in harmony with your prebirth intent, you will find fulfillment. Your prebirth intent is likely different in many ways from the prebirth intent of others in your environment. The commonality you all have is that each of you seeks to find that which brings you happiness and fulfillment.

Do not allow yourself to be tricked into thinking that what is right for you is right for everyone else. Do keep in mind that what is right for you, and what is right for others, is kindness and a life of gratitude.

C: You have talked about pre-paving. I would like to acknowledge for our readers that the first time I heard this term it was from Abraham-Hicks.

It seems like if we each pre-pave our own life, life would be quite nice for everyone. From your description on a previous date, pre-paving could be analogous to music for the orchestra’s conductor. If we get our music to the conductor in time, he will direct our actions in harmony. But maybe it is more like an air traffic controller giving instruction to keep us from flying into one another.

Not everyone knows to pre-pave, though.

H: Right. That is why it is very important for you to master pre-paving. For every one of you that masters creation of their own life, one more puzzle piece is fitted into the beautiful picture of life. Remember that the Universal Air Traffic Controller either directs incoming towards you or diverts it from you based on your energetic offering. Learn to pre-pave and regardless of whether others are living in harmony or not, their struggle will not overlap with your creation of a life that brings you happiness.

C: Will you list the tools that you have given us so far for our toolbox?

H: Yes. Let’s save that for tomorrow’s conversation. For today, practice gratitude and pre-paving.

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