A Conversation with Higgins, December 2, 2021

C: Yesterday we talked about fulfilling our purpose in life. You said that fulfilling our purpose for existence would bring us a sense of fulfillment. You also said that by fulfilling our purpose for existence we would fill in missing puzzle pieces in the lives of others, and that by doing so they would find it easier to find their respective ways in life.

Will you elaborate on this? I guess also keep us heading towards providing us with the tools we need.

H: The best analogy we are able to come up with follows.

You are with a large group of people on a cross country hike through rugged terrain. From the vantage point of your vehicles, your destination is obvious. You can see it clearly. It is so obvious that you all leave your compasses in your cars and head off into the wilderness.

Many days into your adventure you lose sight of your goal destination. It is no longer visible through the trees. You wander for sometime, becoming frightened. You begin to bicker amongst yourselves as to the best way to solve the problem and arrive safely at your destination.

One day, you yourself realize that you do have your compass after all. It was buried at the bottom of your backpack. You pull it out and get yourself oriented. You attempt to share with the group, but many are so busy bickering they cannot hear you. A few hear you and this small group heads off towards your original intended destination.

Of this small group, you each have ideas about the best route to take, since the compass only points the way. In general, though, this small group heads mostly amiably towards your goal, leaving a trail that is faint but fairly easy to follow.

Those that are left behind continue their bickering. Resources become scarcer and the bickering escalates to violence and fighting. A few realize that anywhere is better than where they are currently, and they start out in the general direction that your group headed in. They come across your trail and follow it, also deviating from time to time to meet their needs and desires, as members of your group did.

This is an imperfect analogy, but you can grasp the general idea. Those of you who follow your connection to Source, blaze a trail for others to follow. The fault with this analogy is that not everyone is born to achieve the same physical destination. They came to find the same emotional destination.

We will stop here for now.

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  1. KDKH says:

    Great analogy; thanks for sharing.

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