A Conversation with Higgins, December 1, 2021

C: Yesterday we/I seemed to have a bit of a breakthrough in understanding the root of humanities problem. We feel powerless against the events that seem to happen to us. In an attempt to regain control, whether conscious or unconscious, we lash out in anger. We choose anger because on the scale of emotions, anger is more powerful than that feeling of being powerless over our situation.

I suppose this could be likened to slipping on a steep muddy hill. If a person fell on a slippery slope one would naturally grasp wildly for anything that would stop their fall and subsequent potentially harmful slide down the hill.

I choose the words ‘seem to happen to us’ because you clearly indicate we draw our life events to us so they must happen for us rather than to us.

Will you elaborate on this?

H: We don’t need to. You have encompassed it beautifully.

C: I’d rather you talk about it.

H: We’re laughing now, with love. You physicals do not trust your connection to Self.

C: I’m sure you observe us and understand why we wouldn’t.

H: Yes. But when you are connected, as your above statement is connected, you do not trust yourself either.

C: You’re right.

H; We do appreciate your attempt to ask the questions, as we have asked you to do. So please ask more.

C: Huh. I’m thinking…

As I am thinking, I notice that my thoughts are pulling me out of trance.

H: Find your question. Type it to us. Then get back with us. You know how.

C: I feel as though you are coaching me to a desired end?

H: We are.

C: What is it?

H: Asking. Asking. Asking. It is the asking that stimulates the flow of Universal Energy. So ask.

C: If losing control, and powerlessness, are the feelings/emotions causing the chaos on Earth… Well, I get it and I can change myself. I want to. But how do we share this with others? Not everyone sees the need.

It is becoming my understanding that we each as individuals need to find gratitude to shift our personal life experience and that the other seven billion plus inhabitants of Earth also must find their gratitude.

H: Yes. Exactly. We are certain you will like the answer.

You don’t have to do anything other then please yourself. We do not mean please yourself in a hedonistic manner. We mean seek a feeling of fulfillment. As you seek this fulfillment you will be inspired to meet up with your prebirth intent for this life experience. As you satisfy the inspirations you will receive you will offer to the inhabitants of planet Earth the missing puzzle piece to their existence. As their puzzle fills in one piece at a time, it will become easy for them to find their way.

Absorb this and we will visit with you again tomorrow.

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    Wonderful! Thank you Cheryl.

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