The Knowledge Phase

C: This is one of the questions from metaphysicsmusic1:

This is a different group than before, am I right? That is what they said way back when….

H: A more correct understanding is that those of us bringing forth the Knowledge Phase are a different segment of Higgins than those who brought forth the Wisdom Phase.

There are some among Higgins who are skilled in the connecting process and some of these remain the same. We suppose it could be likened to actors in a television program. The actors have changed but many of the ancillary staff, cameramen, producers and directors are the same.

The Knowledge Phase relative to the Wisdom Phase could be likened to college courses: different classes that are parts of the same degree program.

The Knowledge Phase is the active reason we came forth. The Wisdom Phase was specifically designed to assist the entity in coming into alignment with us. Although she did share some of that information, and she was welcome to do so, it was not a requirement of her prebirth agreement. Sharing the Knowledge Phase is part of her prebirth agreement.

Part of her prebirth agreement is that she would be a person who likes to read and write so you can assume that writing will be an avenue through which she shares the Knowledge Phase.

The third and final phase of our work with the entity is the Power Phase which is still evolving.

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  1. Very interesting. Hang in there Chery! It sounds challenging at times. Thank You Higgins for answering these questions.

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