Help Create the next Phase of Human Civilization

C: This question is also from metaphysicsmusic1:

Would love to hear more about this precipice we are in and how or what we can be doing to evolve through this eye of needle and create the next phase of human civilization.

H: There is only one thing you can do. Live your life the best way that you can. Pursue your joys and interests. Everyone has some. Seek them. Find them. Live in gratitude for what is placed before you. Take action whenever you can. Do not press yourself to exhaustion. Do find a pleasant balance in life.

When you do this for yourself, your life comes into happy balance. Your life, whether in happy balance or not, radiates its essence into the Universe. Radiating happy balance into the Universe is the thing, more than any other thing, that will help to create the next phase of human civilization.

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